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KSA denies reports crown prince behind CEO Amazon’s phone hacking

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabia said Wednesday that it was “absurd” in a news report that the crown prince Muhammad bin Salman was behind the hacking of the phone of Amazon.com Inc founder Jeff Bezos. In 2018 Bezos ‘ phone was

India loses $1.33bn due to internet closure in IoK, reports

SRINAGAR: India has suffered a loss of more than 1.33 billion US dollars caused by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to move ahead with the Hindu nationalist agenda of its party. The worst internet shutdown has been in Kashmir since

Trump plans maiden visit to India in February, reports

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump is planning his first visit to India next month, media reports said on Tuesday, mentioning a senior government official from India. According to the media reports, the United States and India are in contact to