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Myanmar protesters march three months after coup

YANGON: Protesters against military rule marched in Myanmar on Saturday three months after a coup ended a democratic transition, with several small blasts which a United Nations envoy warned could bring state administration to a halt. The military has tried

Myanmar protestors take up Easter eggs, junta hunts celebrities

YANGON: Opponents of military rule in Myanmar inscribed messages of protest on Easter eggs on Sunday, while others were back on the streets facing off with security forces after a night of candle-lit vigils for hundreds killed since the military

‘You could be shot in the head’: Myanmar’s junta warns anti-coup protesters

YANGON: The leader of Myanmar’s ruling junta said on Saturday that the military will protect the people and strive for democracy, as protesters called for a huge show of defiance against last month’s coup despite warnings they risked being shot.

At least 39 protestors killed in Myanmar as Chinese factories burn

YANGON: Security forces killed at least 22 anti-coup protesters in the industrial Hlaingthaya suburb of Myanmar’s main city on Sunday after Chinese-financed factories were set ablaze there, an advocacy group said. A further 16 protesters were killed in other places,

Myanmar anti-coup protesters defy warnings from army

YANGON: Anti-coup protesters defied warnings from Myanmar’s generals and rallied on Tuesday for a fourth straight day after the military imposed a ban on gatherings at flashpoint sites. Junta chief General Min Aung Hlaing made a televised speech on Monday

Protesters attack private hospital over death of teenage boy

SIALKOT: Distressed family of a patient died on Tuesday by alleged negligence of doctors protested against the hospital administration in Sialkot. The relatives of a patient who was under treatment at a private hospital in Sialkot died on Tuesday morning.