Haniyeh re-elected as chief of Palestinian group Hamas

GAZA CITY: Ismail Haniyeh has been re-elected as leader of the Palestinian group Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip and has fought multiple violent conflicts with Israel. Haniyeh has been Hamas chief since 2017 and controls the group’s political activities

Another Palestinian Intifada

The Israeli aggression continues against innocent Palestinians who have no recourse as the world watches and even refuses to condemn the atrocities. At least 122 people including 31 children have been killed the latest tensions while the global powers refuse

Biden restores assistance for UN Palestinian refugee agency

WASHINGTON: The Biden administration announced it would provide $235 million in US aid to the Palestinians, restarting funding for the United Nations agency supporting refugees and restoring other assistance cut off by then-President Donald Trump. The package, including humanitarian, economic

Palestinian Embassy thanks PM Khan for ‘strong response’ on Israel

ISLAMABAD: The State of Palestine has thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for his “strong response” on Israel and expressed gratitude to Pakistan for extending support to the Palestinian cause. A statement issued by the Palestine Embassy in Islamabad today appreciated

UN protector of international law in Palestinian-Israeli crisis: Guterres

NEW YORK: Days before US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law would reveal a new Mideast proposal to the Security Council, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed on Tuesday the role of the UN as guardian of international law in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Israeli airstrikes kills one Palestinian in Gaza

JERUSALEM: A Palestinian was killed by Israeli airstrikes on Saturday, the health ministry in Gaza said, in an attack launched in response to rocket fire. The strikes came in response to at least 10 rockets fired from Gaza during the