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US adds measles to list of diseases requiring quarantine

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden signed an executive order adding measles to a list of communicable diseases that could require quarantine after several Afghan refugees were diagnosed with the highly contagious disease after arriving in the United States. The action makes

Guinea tracks potential Ebola contacts to overcome new outbreak

CONAKRY: Guinea is tracking down people who potentially had contact with Ebola patients and will rush vaccines to the affected area as soon as possible after at least three deaths from the disease. Health Minister Remy Lamah said that unlike

Bird flu outbreak across India as nine states report cases

NEW DELHI: At least nine states have confirmed cases as an outbreak of avian influenza or bird flu is rapidly spreading across India, officials and local media reported. The capital New Delhi and the western state of Maharashtra are the

China battles new coronavirus outbreak in Xinjiang

BEIJING: The number of confirmed cases in a new coronavirus outbreak in China’s far western region of Xinjiang has risen to 17. The National Health Commission said on Saturday that 16 more cases were identified in the previous 24 hours

Saudi Arabia reports highest COVID-19 cases since outbreak

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia has reported the highest number of cases since the outbreak of the pandemic as international flights remained suspended in the country. The kingdom reported a record jump in new coronavirus cases on Sunday with 4,233 more people

White House battles own coronavirus outbreak

WASHINGTON: As US President Donald Trump moves to reopen the coronavirus-battered country, the White House is battling infections within its own ranks. It is not an easy task to stem an outbreak of the highly-contagious virus in the famed West

Historical pandemics

The novel coronavirus is a modern-day epidemic that has shocked the world. The developed world in this 21st century never imagined that a virus would affect the whole world in such a manner that everyone would be forced into isolation.

Iranian lawmaker with coronavirus dies as outbreak spreads

TEHRAN: An Iranian lawmaker who tested positive for the novel coronavirus has died, a state-run news agency has reported. Mohammad Ali Ramazani Dastak, who was recently elected as the representative for Astana Ashrafieh, is reported to have tested positive for

Coronavirus outbreak: death toll reaches 1368 in China

BEIJING: The number of casualties from China’s new coronavirus outbreak reached to 13,68 on Thursday after 253  new deaths were confirmed in the hard-hit Hubei province. In China, there are now more than 60,310 reported cases based on government estimates

Coronavirus outbreak: Pakistani student in China misses father’s funeral

ISLAMABAD: A stuck Pakistani student in China’s Wuhan city on Tuesday has said that he failed to attend the funeral of his father back to home after Pakistani authorities said they couldn’t permit students at the time to return Pakistan.

WHO declares international emergency for coronavirus outbreak

GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Thursday that China’s coronavirus epidemic now triggers an international public health emergency. The decision was announced by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, after a conference of its emergency committee, an