Noman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz shares his two cents on Bill and Melinda Gates divorce

Famous Pakistani actor Noman Ijaz has shared his interesting stance on Bill and Melinda Gates matter who mutually ended their 27 years of wedding. Noman Ijaz has made an interesting comment on the separation of Bill Gates, the founder of

Noman Ijaz launches restaurant in Canada

MILTON: Famous Pakistani actor Noman Ijaz has recently launched a restaurant in Canada. Located in Milton, Noman Ijaz’s restaurant named “Larachi by Naumaan Ijaz” consists of Pakistani cuisines. This restaurant is to be Noman’s first-ever business venture. The wife of

Atiqa Odho advises public to stop criticizing Noman Ijaz

KARACHI: Famous actress Atiqa Odho has come out in support of Noman Ijaz and advised the public to just ‘stop it now’. Atiqa Odho extended support to fellow actor Noman Ijaz after his interview went viral on social media in

Noman Ijaz boasts about cheating on his wife, faces social media wrath

LAHORE: Renowned TV star Noman Ijaz’s latest remarks on cheating his wife and his take on #METOO movement have drawn massive criticism on social media, while “MeToo” has become a top trend on Twitter. Noman Ijaz opened up about many