Noman Ijaz boasts about cheating on his wife, faces social media wrath

LAHORE: Renowned TV star Noman Ijaz’s latest remarks on cheating his wife and his take on #METOO movement have drawn massive criticism on social media, while “MeToo” has become a top trend on Twitter.

Noman Ijaz opened up about many things in a recent interview with actress and host Iffat Omar on a web show. The actor discussed his take on the #METOO movement and his married life.

When asked about the secret of his successful marriage, he said, “We are keeping up with it by fulfilling its limitations. If I talk about my wife Rabia, I am very lucky she is adorable.”

However, he said, his heart fell on many people many times and he can’t control it. “I fall in love with each and every moment. If I see a beautiful woman inside out and if she is a difficult woman, I fall more for her. I cheat on my wife and she does not know about it,” he added.

The actor further said that he knew the art of keeping secrets even with the wives of other people. “I am such an intelligent man that my wife has no idea about it. Even the women I fall in love with, their husbands don’t know about it,” he asserted.

When asked about his take on #Metoo movement, Ijaz seems dismissive about the #Metoo movement that stands against the exploitation of women. He said that this was all result of people going against religion.

“#Meetoo is happening in our lives because we all are losing our trust in religion. This nation does not understand religion. We are in short a confused nation,” Ijaz remarked.

These statements by Noman Ijaz have backfired. Social Media users have called out Noman Ijaz for his statement about cheating and how he dismissed the whole #MeToo movement.

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