No Time to Die

Mehwish Hayat unapologetically sings Billie Eilish’s ‘No time to die’

Actress Mehwish Hayat, who is often seen sharing her singing videos on social media platforms, has recently sung a famous soundtrack from the Bond movie, “No Time To Die”, sung by Billie Eilish. According to Mehwish Hayat, the song has

‘No Time to Die’ film release delayed till 2021

LOS ANGELES: The release of the James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ has been delayed again to 2021 due to the effects of COVID-19 on cinemas. Film producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, said on Twitter that the

Bond film ‘No Time to Die’ gets new release date

LOS ANGELES: The next James Bond movie, ‘No Time to Die’, has received a new release date after being pushed forward due to the coronavirus pandemic. The much-anticipated film will now release on November 12 in the United Kingdom and

James Bond sequel ‘No Time to Die’ postponed over coronavirus

James Bond sequel ‘No Time to Die’ will be postponed until November amid rising concerns over the coronavirus at the Asian box office. The film was originally supposed to be released internationally on April 2 and in the U.S. on