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Death toll by coronavirus rises to 132 as tourists leave China

BEIJING: Countries started to evacuate their residents from the hardest-hit Chinese city on Wednesday after an outbreak of a new virus that has killed 132 people and affected over 6,000 people on the mainland and worldwide. Four men with cough

Senate passes bill allowing six-month paid maternity leave

ISLAMABAD: The Senate on Monday passed the Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill, 2018, which makes it mandatory for employers to grant six months paid maternity leave and three months paid paternity leave. As per the bill, the leaves policy will

Queen Elizabeth gives approval for Britain to leave EU

LONDON: On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II extended her official assent to Britain leaving its decades of membership in the European Union and seeking a more independent but uncertain future at the end of the month. The ceremonial acceptance of the

World Economic Forum: PM Khan to leave for Davos today

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will travel on a three-day official visit to Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday to attend World Economic Forum. The Prime Minister is planned to leave for Davos on Tuesday to attend World Economic Forum and to