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A look back at top ten Pakistani dramas of 2021

There is no doubt Pakistani dramas have made enormous strides over the last decade, raising the bar for quality writing, strong plot, and social issues. Although coronavirus affected many industries Pakistani TV dramas managed to entertain audiences with chunks of

Laapta writer says Ayeza Khan played ‘Geeti’ much better than it was written

Drama serial Laapata’s writer and director Khizar Idress has praised Ayeza Khan that she played her role much better than it was written in script. During his recent interview, the writer and director of Sarah Khan starter ‘Laapata’ talked about

Star-studded ‘Laapata’ begins on a promising note of entertainment

Even before its release, the new drama ‘Laapata’ became the most hyped serial of recent times mainly because of the wonderful cast and crew. Produced by Momina Duraid, the star cast of Laapata includes Ayeza Khan, soon-to-be-mommy Sarah Khan, actor

Much anticipated drama ‘Laapata’ all set to hit TV screens from today

KARACHI: Much anticipated drama starring and Sarah Khan ‘Laapata’ is all set to hit TV screens from today. Besides Ayeza Khan and Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman Khan and Gohar Rasheed will be seen in the lead roles. From the teasers,