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10 Positive Moments In Pakistan Amid All Gloom

If one was to discuss the major happening of 2020 in Pakistan, the year was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath. Scores of people lost their lives and the economy was decimated along with a plane crash, heavy

A look back at 10 significant events in Pakistan this year

2020 was a year full of surprises for Pakistan: from Chinese discovered disease entering the country to nationwide strike, from an unstable economy to students taking online classes at home, this year truly astonished the country. We have listed the

Singer Cher will visit Pakistan to see elephant ‘Kaavan’

WASHINGTON: American singer-songwriter Cher is reportedly coming to Pakistan to bid farewell to an elephant ‘Kaavan’. The Pakistani court had ordered the freedom of Kaavan, a lonely elephant in May 2020. The singer who supports the rights of wild animals