Religious extremism

When Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, addressed the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947, he said, “We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one State. You will find that

Dim hopes for Hindus

The Hindu community celebrates the joyous occasion of Diwali today. The Festival of Lights is marked with jubilation and enthusiasm but hopes have dimmed for the minority in Pakistan. The Hindus continue to face systematic persecution, oppression and threats to

Interfaith harmony in Sindh

The controversy created over the construction of a Hindu temple in Islamabad gives a glimpse of the appalling situation of minorities in our country. Many were irked not by the building of the temple itself but rather it was being

Islamabad temple controversy

A completely unnecessary controversy has been created on the construction of a temple in Islamabad. The move which should have appreciated for promoting tolerance and religious harmony has now been mired in controversy and efforts are being made to stop

Pakistan and Islam

The creation of Pakistan was based on the ideology of Islam. The plight of Muslims in the subcontinent and the separate lifestyle from the Hindus strengthened the Two Nation theory. Due to tireless struggle of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan

PM assures minorities

At least 25 people have been killed and hundreds are wounded in the communal violence that has gripped Indian capital New Delhi. The violence fanned by BJP leaders’ provocative speeches have targeted Muslims and stoked fears about Modi’s master plan

An example of interfaith harmony

Pakistan often remains in the negative limelight over the treatment of its minorities and human rights records. The forced conversion of religious minorities and the inherent discrimination in our society has been a cause for concern for long. There are

Quaid’s vision

The nation is observing the birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Looking at the ongoing situation in our neighbour and the oppression of Muslim communities worldwide, many are even more grateful for having a separate homeland. The rise of

Anti-Muslim citizenship bill

India has taken another step towards being a Hindu state by introducing a controversial citizenship act. The legislation fits into the Hindutva agenda of the fascist Modi government to marginalise the 200 million Muslims in India The bill seeks to

NA passes resolution against Indian ‘anti-Muslim’ bill

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution moved by the Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari on the ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ approved by India. The resolution condemned the marginalisation of Muslims through the passing of such discriminatory

Babri Mosque case: Indian Court allots Ayodhya land to Hindus

NEW DELHI:  The Supreme Court of India has ruled the verdict in the Babri Mosque case that Hindus would get Ayodhya land and Muslims will be allotted an alternate piece of land. The verdict on the long-running the Babri Mosque

Babri Moque verdict

India is bracing itself for the imminent verdict in the Babri Mosque case, razed by Hindu fanatics over two decades ago, to avoid any major fallout in case of an adverse ruling. The case can reignite tensions and the Indian