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Maternity home in Karachi becomes place of ghost employees

KARACHI: Hasrat Mohani Maternity Home of the DMC West has become a place of ghost employees where workers are only withdrawing salaries every month. According to the details, due to mismanagement and incompetence of the Chief Medical Officer of Baldia

DMC Malir Administrator, MC issued salaries for ghost employees

KARACHI: The Administrator and Municipal Commissioner of the District Municipal Corporation (DMC) Malir signed the orders for releasing salaries for ghost and absent employees within the Taxation Department, it has been revealed. Earlier, the newly-appointed Director Taxation Department DMC Malir,

Ghost employees detected in RCB’s sanitation dept

RAWALPINDI: The sanitation department of the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has hundreds of ghost employees working on daily wages, it has been revealed. Sources informed that Sanitation Department in-charge Waris Bhatti along senior officers are allegedly receiving vast sums over