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Myanmar protestors take up Easter eggs, junta hunts celebrities

YANGON: Opponents of military rule in Myanmar inscribed messages of protest on Easter eggs on Sunday, while others were back on the streets facing off with security forces after a night of candle-lit vigils for hundreds killed since the military

Ink, eggs thrown at Shahbaz Gill outside LHC

LAHORE: PML-N activists threw ink and eggs at Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill as he appeared in court. Gill appeared for a hearing at the Lahore High Court where he was encountered by PML-N activists

Eating half an egg a day increases death risk by 7%: Study

Researchers have found eating just half a whole egg increases the likelihood of death by seven percent. According to a foreign news agency, research claimed that eating only half an egg, including yolks and whites, is dangerous health, and eating

40% egg production halted due to rising prices

KARACHI: With the onset of winter, the price of eggs has reached Rs 170 per dozen in Sindh’s capital. General Secretary Sindh Poultry Wholesalers and Retailers Association Mansoor Ahmed in this regard said that egg was the basic food of a poor