Coronavirus may have spread in Wuhan since August: Study

WUHAN: A new research has suggested that the novel coronavirus that emerged in China last year may have been spreading in the country as early as August instead of December. The research conducted at Harvard Medical School used high-resolution satellite

Pakistan should observe complete lockdown every two weeks: WHO

GENEVA: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has suggested that Pakistan should observe a complete lockdown every two weeks for fourteen days due to surging COVID-19 cases. The WHO has listed Pakistan among the top ten countries in the world in

Oscars suspend movie theater rule due to coronavirus

LOS ANGELES: Movies that skip the big screen will be allowed to contend for Oscars this year, the Academy said in a significant rule change forced by the coronavirus pandemic. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences requires at

Coronavirus: Death toll in China rises to 2788

BEIJING: The death toll from the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in China has risen to 2,788, while the number of confirmed cases has augmented to 78,824. Chinese state health committee said Friday that the health officials received information about 78,824 confirmed