Azaan Sami Khan

Here’s how Azaan Sami Khan is dealing with his divorce

Singer-turned-actor Azaan Sami Khan has recently opened up about how he dealt with his divorce.  Azaan has been very open about his divorce and how he is raising his children as a single parent. He had earlier shared that he

Azaan Sami Khan’s ‘Ik Lamha’ featuring Maya Ali is out now

Singer turned actor Azaan Sami Khan has recently released another music video featuring actress Maya Ali as his love interest. The music video titled ‘Ik Lamha’ is set in Karachi in 1964 complete with horse carts and vintage cars. The

‘Ishq-e-Laa’, a tale of ambition, empowerment and chasing dreams

Recently aired drama ‘Ishq-e-Laa’ has become one of the much-hyped dramas as it features two powerful actresses (Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi) in one frame. The recent episode that aired last night has confirmed that the storyline of the drama

New teaser of drama ‘Ishq-e-Laa’ unveils intriguing storyline

Actress Sajal Aly starrer ‘Ishq-e-Laa’, who will be seen alongside singer turned actor Azaan Sami Khan has recently released new teasers of the drama. Drama ‘Ishq-e-Laa’ features Sajal Aly, Azaan Sami Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Sohail Sameer, Uzma Hassan, Usman Pirzada,