Arabian Sea

Sindh coastal areas brace for rainfall as cyclone builds in Arabian Sea

KARACHI: The coastal areas of Sindh, including Karachi, are expected to face a high amount of rainfall due to a cyclone developing in the Arabian Sea. Pakistani Meteorological Department (PMD) has already issued an alert for a cyclone likely developing

SEASPARK-20 naval exercise culminates in Arabian Sea

RAWALPINDI: Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi Chief of Naval Staff said Pakistan Navy is ready to thwart any aggression posed by the enemy. Speaking at the culmination of Pakistan Navy’s major maritime exercise SEASPARK-20 in North Arabian Sea, the naval chief

Pakistan Navy successfully conducts missile test at Arabian Sea

KARACHI: Pakistan Navy on Friday has successfully conducted an anti-ship missile test in the north Arabian Sea and at Makran Coast.  Chief of the Navat Staff Admiral Zafar Mehmood Abbasi inspected the activity. According to the Navy spokesperson, the the

Another cyclonic storm ‘Maha’ develops in Arabian Sea

KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Thursday stated that another cyclonic storm ‘Maha’ is building up in the Arabian Sea. This development comes just after the threat of cyclonic storm Kyarr no longer rises over any of Pakistan’s coastal

Cyclone storm forms in Arabian Sea near Karachi: PMD

KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Monday said that cyclone storm Hikka has formed in the Arabian Sea near Karachi. According to PMD, the Cyclone that has formed in the Arabian Sea would not cause any damage to Pakistan.

Heavy rain expected during Eid holidays in Karachi

KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted heavy rainfall in Sindh’s capital next week during Eid al-Adha. According to PMD, heavy rain is expected in Karachi, Hyderabad, and Sukkur on upcoming Monday and Tuesday, when the nation will be