Tabish Hashmi to have host his own show on new platform

Tabish Ahmed Hashmi is a Famous Canadian Pakistani Standup Comedian (

Tabish Hashmi has become a household name in Pakistani especially among youngsters.

Known for his show TBH ‘To Be Honest’, Tabish Hashmi has decided to host a new show on Geo TV. While exclusively talking to Dawn’s Images, the comedian disclosed that he will be leaving TBH.

Hashmi will be hosting a brand new show of his own. While confirming the news, he said that he will be joining Geo TV to host a brand new show. However, he refrained from sharing further details about his new project.

He also mentioned that he will be flying back to Pakistan next month and reveal more details at that time. Tabish Hashmi interviews celebrities about their career, personal experiences, and achievements in a comic way. 

Earlier in an interview, while talking about the Pakistani content, he said that we mixed up a lot of things, unlike public speech, they tell rules about the competition. In comedy and creating content, there is no rule given but still, people face a lot of restrictions, Hashmi highlighted.

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Tabish Hashmi talked about also allegations on his show that it is not a family-oriented show said that he did not know how people can decide that TBH  is not a family show on the basis of just a few clips.

According to the comedian, the show was not meant for family. “Basically, it was made for YouTube so that people turn it on by their own choice, I don’t know from where did this ‘Not for Family’ query come.” 

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