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Spy device caught in Imran Khan’s bedroom: Who is spying on PTI chairman?

Imran Khan is not an ordinary person but a person who ruled the country for three and a half years as the Prime Minister. (Photo: Facebook)

A spy device was seized two days ago at the residence of former prime minister and chairman PTI Imran Khan in Bani Gala and an employee of Bani Gala was arrested but Imran Khan has pardoned him.

Consider that Imran Khan is not the name of an ordinary person but he is the person who ruled the country as the Prime Minister for more than three and a half years. Let’s take a look at the various facts and try to understand who spied on Imran Khan.

Spy device recovery

A device used to spy on PTI chairman Imran Khan was seized two days ago. Bani-Gala chief of staff and former special assistant Shahbaz Gill said the employee had received money to install the spy device.

It should be noted that the installation of spy devices was not a common issue with Imran Khan, however, Chief of Staff Shahbaz Gill said that Imran Khan has forgiven the employee.

Islamabad Police Statement

An Islamabad police spokesman said the accused, who was handed over to police by a reporter, could not speak properly. Investigating the incident. The real facts will come out soon.

“Despite repeated requests, we were not provided with the list of employees posted in Bani Gala,” a police spokesman said. The employee has been working in Bani Gala for the last 6 years. He was also asked to contact other employees.

In this regard, Shahbaz Gill told the media that the employee responsible for the spy device was handed over to the police by the security, however, Imran Khan not only pardoned the employee but also handed him over safely to his family.

Revelations of Shahbaz Gill 

Talking to TV host Arshad Sharif during a program, former special assistant Shahbaz Gill said that the spy device was seized before it was installed in Imran Khan’s room. Find some items on the device and some on the employee’s phone. Voice notes of the person who was in contact with the employee were also found.

Bani Gala Chief of Staff Shahbaz Gill said, “We recognized a voice from the voice notice.” The employee was bought when Imran Khan was the Prime Minister of the country. The employee was asked to keep a spy device in Imran Khan’s room and join other employees of the house.

Regarding the device, Shahbaz Gill said that it could be kept anywhere, after recording for 60 hours, arrangements were also made to install another device. The device was shaped like a USB stick, commonly used to hold photos, documents, and other computer data.

He said that after the arrest of the accused in Bani Gala, a conversation was going on with him when some masked and white-clad people reached the house of the employee. They wanted to seize the device and erase traces and evidence. The Supreme Court will have to take suo moto action.

Is the claim true?

The PTI had recently claimed after the removal of Imran Khan from the PM’s post that the PTI chairman had been removed under a foreign conspiracy. In various meetings, Imran Khan also waved an alleged threatening letter and said that it was sent by the United States.

On several occasions, the United States, the Pakistan Army, and the current government have denied the allegations made by Imran Khan and the PTI. Tomorrow, such an employee may put poison in Imran Khan’s food.

Therefore, whether the PTI’s claim is true or false, the matter must be investigated because whether the chairman is PTI or the Prime Minister of the country, the people have every right to know about both if they were spied on and if the country. If the secrets of another person fall into the hands of others, then who are those people, so that such incidents can be avoided in the future.

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