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Wednesday 25th May 2022 / 23 Shawwal 1443

Spiritual healer or con artist, who is Mala Ali Kurdistani?

There is a lot of debate on who Mala Ali Kurdistani really is (Hamari web)

There is a lot of debate on who Mala Ali Kurdistani really is (Hamari web)

Unfortunately, it’s easy to con people in Pakistan in the name of religion. Nowadays, there is a lot of debate on who Mala Ali Kurdistani really is? Is he actually a real ‘spiritual’ figure from Iraq who treats deaf and dumb children or is he a controversial preacher who was once deported from Saudia Arabia on fraud charges.

An Iraqi by origin, the controversial preacher has been gaining a great influence among the people of Pakistan as many are bringing their children and family members to him for treatment. The most concerning part is when it comes to ‘dum’ from ‘fake peers’, Pakistanis are ever ready for it.

Who is Mala Ali Kurdistani?

Born and brought up in Iraq, Mala Ali Kurdistani was a cleaner at an Iraqi mosque where he was fired for not doing his work efficiently. He then on his path of becoming a spiritual healer gained popularity in Iraq and in now in Pakistan as well.

How does he heal?

The videos of his ‘treatment’ go live on his official social media account in which he shows how he can heal a deaf and dumb child who later hears or speak words like Allah.   

Controversial past

Controversial ‘spiritual healer’ before arriving in Pakistan wanted to expand his healing business in Saudia Arabia and Turkey. Interestingly he was detained from Saudi and arrested in Turkey on charges of fraud.

Mission ‘Pakistan’

People like Mala can earn great in countries like Pakistan where the faith of people is weak and apparently the alleged spiritual healer got lucky. He became famous in Pakistan through social media even before arriving in the country on 1st November.

He first stayed in Lahore and nowadays he has come to Islamabad where thousands of people are coming to him for treatment. Last week, Kurdistani in a Samaa interview said that he ‘spiritually cures’ various ailments, although some ailments take months or years to cure and require medication.

Pakistani politicians

Even politicians like National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and Firdous Ashiq Awan were seen being impressed by the spiritual healer.

A healer or controversial personality?

Kurdistani, who calls himself a ‘sage’ I soothing but quite a controversial figure. NOt only raids had been carried out to arrest him in Turkey, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. He once asked a woman to swallow tissues in order to become slim, upon her being admitted to the hospital, the healer then denied that it was the woman’s fault as she did not swallow the tissues the way he asked her to do.

Moreover, a family who came for treatment complained after watching his treatment, while a man also made a video of the treatment in which an assistant of Ali Kurdistani was seen beating the patient’s legs with sticks. Yet again, to disbelief, the very next day, there were several people waiting outside his home to be treated including people from the United States and Germany.

In 2017, Mala had claimed that the then US President Donald Trump has the shadow of demons and he can treat him by hitting the soles of his feet with sticks.

He once appeared on TV as well with a well-known doctor and claimed that he can identify a patient’s illness only by looking at an X-ray. To which, the doctor immediately handed him an x-ray and asked him to identify the cause of illness to which he failed to do so, yet people have firm faith in him.

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