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Spend time with your thoughts and feelings: Naimal Khawar on mental health

Former actress Naimal Khawar Abbasi has shared a few tips on how to take care of mental health. 

Taking to Instagram, the wife of Hamza Ali Abbasi shared a post on things to do for one’s mental health with a caption, “Spend time with your thoughts and feelings.”

According to the post, she has listed five things that can help a person with mental health i.e nourishing your body, making time for things that truly make a person happy, going out in nature, focusing on yourself and never forget how important ‘YOU’ are.

In her Instagram post, Khawar wrote, “Sometimes your desire to keep everyone happy can consume your need to look after yourself, especially after becoming a mother, one tends to tire oneself physically and mentally,” she added. “So here’s a reminder that you are important too. Never forget that. Take care of YOU and your mental health and do what makes you feel like your best self.”

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