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Social media users demand YouTube office in Pakistan

Social media users have shown support in resolving Pakistani YouTuber Raza Samo’s issue whose channel has been blocked by Youtube and also demanded a YouTube channel in Pakistan to avoid such incidents in the future.
Many of Samo’s supporters including celebrities too came forward and supported the top trending trend with a hashtag of #KhujLeeFamily which is also Samo’s channel name.
While taking to Twitter, singer Asim Azhar supported Samo, who has over 1.3 million subscribers and requested YouTube Creators. 

Within an hour, two hashtags have become a top trend in the country mainly asking justice for the youtube:

Samo last week, spoke about the decision of once again banning Youtube in Pakistan and termed the decision shocking. ” The creator said, “Banning YouTube for a few objectionable videos is akin to closing an entire university because a few students take drugs.”
“You do not destroy the whole institution because of a few bad guys or bad videos,” he added and urged the authorities to fix the issue instead of shutting down the platform.
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