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Sindh governor, SAPM Mahmood Moulvi visit Karachi Central Jail

KARACHI: Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Maritime Affairs, Mahmood Moulvi visited the Central Jail Karachi here on Sunday.

They reviewed a hospital established in the jail and the facilities provided to the prisoners over there.

On the occasion, the Governor and Special Assistant to PM were briefed on the performance of the central jail and the provision of the facilities to the prisoners.

Governor Imran Ismail also sought a list of the prisoners, who could not paid fines imposed on them and said that he would make attempts to get paid those fines.

He said that they were willing to work for the betterment of Sindh’s prisons.

Later talking to media, Governor Sindh said that senior PTI leader Aleem Khan was carrying out development work in Punjab jails and he wanted to work for the betterment of Sindh jails.

He further said that due to non-payment of fines, a list of inmates who are in jail despite completing their sentence has been sought and they will try to get their fines paid.

In response to a question, the Governor of Sindh said that the Green Line will be launched soon – he said that the Green Line is in the final stages and testing of green buses is also underway in this regard.

In response to another question, the Governor of Sindh said that those who are making noise are not interested in the people but are running for their power.

These people want their cases to be forgiven and they should be included in the power. PDM people sometimes call each other bad and sometimes they hug each other.