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Shakira completes ancient philosophy course during lockdown

MADRID: Pop diva Shakira has spent her time productively during the lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Colombian singer is isolating with her two children and husband, professional footballer Gerard Pique at home in Spain. The singer revealed she has completed a short course online in ancient philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania.

“I just graduated from my 4 week Ancient Philosophy course with the University of Pennsylvania. I know… my hobbies are very impractical, but it took a lot of hours after the kids were asleep,” she said.

“Thank you Plato and predecessors for all the “fun” over the past month!” Shakira wrote on Twitter as she flaunted her certificate. Shakira said on Instagram last month she started the course to make confinement “productive.”

She joked that she wanted to think about something else other than “Paw Patrol,” the children’s TV show. Shakira has been in lockdown with her two children and husband Gerard Pique, who plays soccer for FC Barcelona in Spain, where they live.

Spain has reported the highest number of Covid-19 cases in Europe, second only to the US worldwide as he country went into lockdown on March 14. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has sought to extend Spain’s state of emergency until early May.

Spain has been subject to some of the harshest lockdown measures in Europe, including banning children from going outside which has now being eased.

Shakira had asked the Spanish government to consider letting children out for walks, accompanied by an adult. “If adults are allowed to go out for a walk or to shop, you should think of a solution that grants this same right to children who need sun and air for their physical and mental health,” the singer said last month, according to a translation of her Instagram post.

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