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Saudi prince gets approval to export 50 falcons from Pakistan

Saudi prince gets approval to export 50 falcons from Pakistan
ISLAMABAD: The federal government has given special approval for Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia to export 50 unique falcons from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia during the period 2019-20.
As per details, the Falcons of very rare species Saker and Peregrine are used in the winter in the country to hunt the globally guarded houbara bustard. Naturally, oil-rich Arab hunters keep a big amount of falcons for their houbara bustard search.

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When falcons mature over time, hunters want to change their aged falcons for younger ones so that it might be more effectively hunt houbara bustard. Therefore, the kingdom sought an export certificate, and Pakistan promptly provided it.
According to reports, the government was encouraging and patronizing the underground black wildlife market by granting falcon export licenses because falcons could not be legally captured, sold and purchased here. The falcons for export will have to be bought illegally from traders trading in wildlife.
Earlier, Prince Fahd, who is also the governor of Tabuk province, had applied through the Saudi embassy for export permission.
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