Saudi Arabia to entirely restore tourism sector from June 21

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has announced that the tourism sector will be completely restored across the country from 21st June.
The Saudi Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khatib said that the tourism sector would be fully restored across the country but the tourism sector in Makkah would be banned.
He said that such a long ban on the sector had jeopardized the employment of people associated with the tourism sector. It should be noted that tourism in Saudi Arabia is a sector whose employees constitute 12 percent of the total employment and 13 percent of the gross national product of the Arab countries is also derived from tourism.
Due to the global epidemic of coronavirus, most countries around the world have imposed lockdowns, which has led to the suspension of large-scale business and other activities.
The number of coronavirus patients in Saudi Arabia is currently more than 141,000, while 1,091 people have lost their lives due to this contagious disease. A few days ago, Saudi Arabia opened a few airports for domestic flights and announced that all other airports would open on 21st June.
According to Saudi Aviation, flights to Taif, Yanbu, and Hafar-Al-Batin were also resumed. Earlier, 11 domestic airports in Saudi Arabia were opened on the last day of May.

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