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Saqib Nisar’s leaked audio clip: Is Garrett Discovery report authentic?

Garrett Discovery performs e-Discovery and forensic work at the request of the White House, US Air Force and Congress (Photo Online)

In Pakistan, the politics these days is revolving around the sentence of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz in the Panama case. Yesterday, an alleged audio leak was attributed to former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, while the journalist who leaked the audio, Ahmad Noorani, claimed that he had a forensic report of the audit done by a company called Garrett Discovery. Let’s see how this company works and how authentic its credibility and reports are.

Forensic test

Forensic technology uses crime scene processing, death investigations, evidence tracing, DNA analysis, document analysis, criminal psychology, print, impressions, audio, and video analysis. According to international experts, the forensics of video is basically divided into two parts, namely global and local-global analysis. It is possible to tell whether the video recording has been modified or not, however, Maybe that amendment has been made to it.

How is the analysis made?

According to experts, forensic investigations can help in proving evidence of any crime or incident through scientific methods and principles, criminal procedure, and physical identification. Each video contains visual and audio streams. Image analysis also examines the potential discrepancy between the time it appears on the screen and its actual duration, and its compatibility with the sound stream. In the second stage, the energy, pressure level, and long-term spectrum average are estimated in the audio stream. 

Garrett Discovery

Following Garrett Discovery’s claim to confirm the audio attributed to former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, questions are being raised about what the company is and how it operates, and how credible it is for its forensic report.

Garrett Discovery is a law firm that specializes in legal advice as well as testing equipment and audio and video and computers, while Garrett Discovery provides e-Discovery and forensic work at the request of the White House, the US Air Force, and Congress. 

The legal way

In Pakistan, where the law and justice system is very complex and difficult, there is complete trust in the justice system all over the world. Recently, PTI leader Zulfiqar Bukhari had won a case against Imran Khan’s ex-wife Wanker Reham Khan.

The government and Chief Justice (retd) Saqib Nisar could challenge the audio in US courts, and Ahmed Noorani and Garrett Discovery could be brought to justice on the charges so that truth and falsehood could be exposed.

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