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Sakina Samo shares her two cents on Humayun Saeed’s casting in ‘The Crown’

Sakina Samo is a Pakistani Sindhi actress, producer and director (Online)

Famous Pakistani actress Sakina Samo has shared her two cents on Humayun Saeed being cast in Netflix’s The Crown series.

In a series of Twitter, Sakina Samo posted that she thinks another Pakistani actor Fawad Khan might be a better choice for portraying the role of 90s Dr. Hasnat Khan. 

Samo’s comments were shared on Instagram which drew backlash, some of them agreed and many of them disagreed with her remarks. Let’s have a look:

Whether Fawad or Humayun, it’s great news for Pakistan as a Pakistani actor will debut in The Crown’s upcoming season 5.

Dr. Hasnat Khan

Dr. Hasnat is a British-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon. He is widely known for his romantic, two-year relationship with Lady Diana. The ‘People’s Princess’ is said to have described him as ‘Mr Wonderful’ and in May 1996, she visited his family in Lahore too.

Diana’s friends are reported to have described Hasnat as the “love of her life” and to have spoken of her distress when he ended their relationship in June 1997. Dr Hasnat attended Diana’s funeral ceremony as well.


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