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Thursday 9th February 2023 / 18 Rejab 1444

Rouhani slams US imposed sanctions in his UN address

Irani President warns Donald Trump over his threats

Irani President warns Donald Trump over his threats

NEW YORK: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that Washington “pay more” for any deal that goes beyond the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that the United States abandoned.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday was addressing United Nations where he said that the United States has brutally imposed sanctions on 88 million people of Iran.

He accused the United States of “economic terrorism,” as previously the United States had abandoned the Nuclear deal with Iran. And, soon after that Trump administration imposed sanctions on Iranian industries, practically starved the economy to death.

Recently, the United States has blamed Iran for the attacks on Saudi oil facilities in Abqaiq. The theocratic regime has denied any involvement in the strikes.

“We shall not tolerate the provocative intervention of foreigners. We shall respond decisively and strongly to any sort of transgression and violation of our security and territorial integrity,” Rouhani told the annual gathering of world leaders.

Hassan Rouhani has warned the world,” a single blunder can fuel a big fire”, Rouhani accused the US of “international piracy” as it has adopted a maximum-pressure campaign aiming to stave off the country’s oil exports – its major economic lifeline. Rouhani called U.S. sanctions on his nation “the harshest in history”.

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