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Restaurant to introduce calories labelling on menus in UK

LONDON: The British government has directed the restaurants to display calories on menus to tackle the UK’s obesity problem.
Other measures outlined include bans on ‘buy one get one free deal’ on unhealthy items, junk food television adverts being aired before 9 pm, and consultation on placing calorie labels on alcohol.
It is not the first time a British government has attempted to do something about the country’s bulging waistlines, but this latest attempt has been prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Analyses show that nearly eight percent of critically-ill patients in intensive care units with the virus were categorized as morbidly obese, compared with less than three percent of the general population.

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Two-thirds of UK adults are above a healthy weight, with 36 percent overweight and 28 percent obese, according to government data. “Losing weight is hard but with some small changes we can all feel fitter and healthier,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.  
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