Renowned Parsi gynecologist Dr. Sethna dies at age of 107

(Photo: Online)

Dina Homi Sethna, the oldest member of the Karachi Parsi community, has passed away.

She celebrated her 107th birthday in November last year. According to details, Dina Homi passed away yesterday which was confirmed through a social media message. The message said that the world’s oldest Parsi woman, who was born on October 31, 1914, died on March 8.

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International Women’s Day was also celebrated yesterday. In a message on social media, it was said that the world’s oldest Parsi woman lived a life of extreme simplicity and contentment. He was fond of learning new things.

The message said that watching various videos on social media, liking them and enjoying e-cards were also enjoyed by the world’s oldest Parsi woman. He spent more or less 15 and a half years in Parsi General Hospital.

It should be noted that earlier the world’s oldest woman from France died at the age of 118. According to foreign media, the woman named Lucile Rendon who died in January was born on February 11, 1904 and died in her sleep. Lucille Rendon resided in a nursing home and took her last breath there.

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