Real life ‘Bakhtawar’ Farheen narrates her struggle

As we all know, Yumna Zaidi starrer Bakhtawar drama is based on the real story of a strong lady Fareen Ishtiaq, who lives in Lahore, and pretended to be a man to feed her only daughter. Now the same strong lady has narrated her struggle. 

Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi, who made rounds on social media after the airing of the drama serial Baktawar, recently appeared on TV and gave an interview in which she narrated her life story. Farheen is struggling in her real life with her daughter.

Narrating about herself, Farheen said, “When you live with your siblings in your family, you see many ups and downs but you survive it through because of mutual efforts along with your sibling and parents but when you struggle alone it is too difficult to survive.

According to Ishtiaq, she only had Rs.3000 when she got separated. “I got married to a Pashtoon, while I was from a Syed family. Well, he ran away in three months, he got completely disappeared, then my daughter Rida came into my life, she was a premature baby, my husband ran away after stealing all the money we had.

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She continued, “I was jobless and it was difficult for me to survive, when my friend in Multan helped me, I gave my daughter to her with a heavy heart, she kept her for one and a half years, my friend gave her back to me.”

“I was working in KFC when I took my daughter back. Then, I gave my kid to my mom, she forgave me and kept my daughter but my brothers did not keep her, because I married out of Syed family,” she maintained.

“I didn’t see the drama, however, my friends told me that I am going viral on television, there has been no settlement between me and the drama makers about the drama, these are false news,” claimed Farheen.

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Farheen is financially hit hard as her savings went in the treatment of her mother whom she lost recently. Her car has broken down which is her only source of income. Thus, she requested in a video message to help such a brave lady in the time of this dire need.

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