Rani Khan opens first ever Islamic institute for transgenders

Sindh approves reservation of seats for transgenders in local councils

ISLAMABAD:  Rani Khan has become a first transgender to open madrassa, a seminary in the federal capital.

Hailing from Islamabad, Rani Khan shared until a year ago, she used to dance like other eunuchs in various private events and according to her, she had no interest in religion since childhood.

Khan further said that there was an incident in her life that changed her lifestyle and personality. One of Rani’s transgender friends, on her way back from the ceremony, died in a car crash. Rani Khan went on to say that a few days after the death of her friend Rani dreamt of her friend whose appearance was a bit spoiled and she was telling Rani to stop dancing.

According to Rani, this dream changed her life. It had a profound effect on her and her tendency towards religion began to grow. She said that for some time she used to go to the madrassa and afterward she asked her mother to teach her the Holy Quran.

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Rani further revealed that during this period, when she used to wear men’s clothes to perform prayers in the mosque of the neighborhood, her neighbors would not like to stand in a line with her and keep a distance from her. Rani said that due to the mistreatment of the people, she set up a madrassa for transgender where they are given religious education.

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