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Price of chicken meat hikes to Rs. 500 per kg across country

KARACHI: The price of chicken meat has reached Rs. 500 per kg across the country.

According to the details, inflation has made life difficult for the citizens. The white meat has registered an Rs. 34 per kg increase in a week to the disadvantage of those who cannot afford red meat, mutton, and beef.

The price of chicken is constantly rising across the country, however, on the other hand, the city administration has been silent on the matter. The situation is worse in other cities including Karachi.

Poultry farmers blame the exorbitant hike in the rate of poultry feed for the increase in prices of chicken meat and eggs. They said that chicken feed has become twice as expensive as the chicken will be expensive. The farmers also claim that the cost of energy, as well as poultry medicines, had registered a 100pc increase during the year and all these factors added to their production cost.

The price of eggs, after relenting a bit in the last couple of weeks at the end of the winter season, has again begun its upward trend, as a dozen is selling for over Rs165 against the official rate of Rs158.   

Social media users have also highlighted the hiked price of chicken meat that hardly few people can afford to eat: 

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