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President Alvi urges media to create awareness against drug abuse

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has urged media and educational institutions to play their roles in creating awareness regarding drug abuse and mental health.

While chairing a meeting on drug abuse and mental health, President Alvi stressed media and educational institutions to come forward and play its active role to rid the societies of the menace of drugs.

The meeting was attended by Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Andleeb Abbas, MNA Sajida Zulfiqar Khan and members of the welfare organizations at Aiwan-e-Sadr, on Wednesday.

Dr Alvi underlined the need for developing a national communication strategy to create awareness among people about drug abuse and mental health.“Priority should be given to eradication of drugs from society so as to save our young generation from this menace,” he added.

The President was briefed about the prevalence of drugs in Pakistan which posed threat to the physical and mental health of youth, particularly the students of colleges and universities.

In order to cope with the challenge of drug abuse in the country, Dr Alvi emphasized the need for crafting a basic framework with the help of volunteers, teachers, parents and other relevant stakeholders.

He also said media and educational institutions could play a vital role in creating awareness regarding drug abuse and mental health by organizing seminars and debates.

The President highlighted that the role of society, particularly parents and teachers, was very important to discourage drug abuse among our youth.  He emphasized that eliminating drugs from society can save generations from being destroyed.