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President Alvi directs to digitalize rare manuscripts at Quaid-e-Azam Academy

KARACHI: President Dr Arif Alvi has directed authorities concerned to digitalize all rare manuscripts of Quaid-e-Azam Academy to ensure easy accessibility of these to the scholars and researchers.

During his visit to Quaid-e-Azam Academy on Wednesday, the President acknowledged that the center established with the objective to conduct holistic research on Quaid e Azam and his associates in carving out a separate homeland

Dr Arif Alvi said for the Muslims of Sub-Continent was indeed a significant platform for archiving national history with due focus on research, publication and projection of the cultural, social, political and economic aspects of the history of Pakistan.

The President paid glowing tributes to Prof. Sharif ul Mujahid, the first director of the academy followed by other scholars who headed the Quaid e Azam Academy. President Alvi observed that the current pace of its research work needed to be expedited.

Dr Arif Alvi was informed that besides the post of QAA Director itself (lying vacant since December 2019), no replacement against the positions for two senior research fellows, four research fellows and one librarian could be made, for quite some time.

President Arif Alvi was further informed that QAA – Karachi has submitted its proposals to the National Heritage and Culture Division, for the establishment of “Heritage Corner”, digitalization of speeches, interviews of Jinnah, digitalization of books besides the production of an audible version of the nation’s voice.

Since its establishment, the academy was said to have come forward with 80 different publications in English, Urdu and other regional languages, available for sale at a discount.

The books and research work, encompassing almost every feature of Quaid e Azam’s life, were said to be also separately focused on the Pakistan Movement, Muslim League and associates of Quaid e Azam. President Arif Alvi prior to his departure from the academy did purchase many of its publications from his own pocket.