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Saturday 16th October 2021 / 10 Rabiulawal 1443

Poor diet leading cause of heart attack: Research

LONDON: A new research has stated that a poor diet is the leading cause of heart attack.

According to a study by a British institute, a poor diet is the leading cause of heart attack, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Smoking and alcohol have been identified as the leading causes of heart attacks after a poor diet.

An international study of nearly nine million deaths from heart attacks and angina in 2017 concluded that more than two-thirds of those affected could have been saved if they had a better diet.

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The study also found that 60,000 UK citizens could avoid a heart attack with a proper diet. The researchers said the study applied to both developed and developing countries.

He said more than 60,000 deaths could have been prevented by using more fish, vegetables, and fruits instead of sugary drinks, processed foods, fats, more salt, and sugar in the diet.

Researchers at Central South University China studied 11 factors that contribute to a heart attack or angina pain.


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