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Police records Dua Mangi’s statement

Police records Dua Mangi’s statement
KARACHI: Dua Mangi recorded her statement with police on Tuesday, saying that she did not get a look at the kidnappers’ faces as they had blindfolded her.
Police recorded the statement of 20-year-old law student who returned home on Friday night a week after she was kidnapped in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) area.
Police officials said Dua has been asked about the place where her captors detained her and whether or not ransom was paid by her family to secure her safe release.

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Dua said that she heard loud noises all at once and then heard shots getting fired. She said that her kidnappers blindfolded her due to which she was unable to see them during the entire time that she was held captive.
She disclosed that her kidnappers changed cars three times and she couldn’t tell how much time had passed in the car.
In her statement to the police, Dua said that she also wasn’t able to recognise her kidnappers’ voices as every time one of them brought her food, it was a different voice she heard.
The investigation team said that Dua’s statement did not bring to light any new information.  The inquiry team was composed of officers from other agencies other than police as well.

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At the time of her kidnapping, Mangi had been walking home with her friend, Haris Fatah, who was shot by the abductors and sustained a gunshot wound in his neck.
He was subsequently taken to a private hospital for treatment, where he remains in critical condition.
Police had lodged a first information report (FIR) over the incident, naming at least four unidentified persons. 
Her family spoke to media last Friday and revealed that Dua had returned home unharmed but was traumatised by the ordeal.
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