PM urges to strictly observe precautions against third wave

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday urged the nation to strictly observe the SoPs, particularly wearing masks, to protect themselves and their families amid the deadly third wave of the pandemic.

“I urge you all to wear a mask, and I appeal you to follow all SoPs for your sake and for the sake of Pakistan,” he said, while interacting with the people through telephone that was aired live.

PM Imran Khan said we were protected from first two waves of the deadly waves of coronavirus. He said despite vaccinating their people, countries in Europe were going in for lockdowns. H

He mentioned the impact of the third wave in neighbouring countries India and Bangladesh and said putting on a mask is the most important thing in protecting oneself.

“Put it on whenever you are in an enclosed room with people, in buses, everywhere,” he said, adding the world recognises it as an important protective measure.

“Allah had been merciful for the people of Pakistan during the first two waves, and Pakistan escaped the serious negative impact, but now the people have become complacent and no one was worried anymore,” he complained.

He said the government was not imposing for a lockdown and only implementing restrictions. He warned that but if the situation worse, we will be forced to take the next step. “People are roaming around without any fear. If this spreads more, it would pressurise our hospital systems.”

He said the poor were the most affected people in the world and around 150 million people went below the poverty line across. The prime minister said it was his wish to protect the poor segments of society at all costs and said he wants them to take safeguards.

 “No one can predict how much this third wave will last,” he said, adding that it was vital that people strictly adhere to the standard operating procedures (SoPs).