PM Khan demands UNMOGIP to return to ceasefire line at IOJK

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the United Nations Security Council to pressure the Indian government to allow the return of the United Nations Military Observer Mission in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) to occupied Jammu and Kashmir the Line of Control (LoC).
In his Twitter messages, PM Imran Khan expressed fear of India’s false flag operation and urged UNSC to send UNMOGIP to the ceasefire line (LoC) in the occupied Indian Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK).

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Prime Minister Imran Khan once again highlighted the Indian troops ‘ brutality, claiming the occupation forces continued to target and kill civilians across the LOC with growing intensity and frequency.
Imran Khan said on Twitter that, “As Indian Occupation forces continue to target & kill civilians across the LOC with increasing intensity & frequency, there is an urgent need for UN SC to insist India allow UNMOGIP return to IOJK-side of LOC. We fear an Indian false flag operation.”

Prime Minister warned that if India continued its military attacks killing civilians along the LoC, Pakistan won’t remain an inactive observer.
Prime Minister further said, “I want to make clear to India and the international community that if India continues its military attacks killing civilians across LOC, Pakistan will find it increasingly difficult to remain an inactive observer along the LOC.”

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