PM Imran asks Tiger Force to keep an eye on prices of food commodities

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he wants Tiger Force members to regularly check prices of daily use items in their locality and post them on the forces’ portal.

On a social media website Twitter, PM Imran said he will meet Tiger Force on October 17 (Saturday) at the Convention Centre.

He said: “On coming Saturday I will be meeting with our Tiger Force at the Convention Centre. From now till then I want our Tiger Force to regularly check prices of daal, atta, sugar, ghee in their localities & post on the Tiger Force portal. Will discuss in Saturday mtg,” he added.

Earlier, the prime minister said had asserted that his government will be using all the resources at its disposal to bring down skyrocketing food prices in the country by Monday.

The Prime Minister took to Twitter and said, “Starting Monday in the coming week, our government will use all resources at the disposal of the state to bring food prices down.”

“We are already examining causes of the price hikes: whether there is a genuine supply shortage or simply hoarding by mafias; smuggling if any,” he remarked.

The premier further said that the PTI-led federal government was checking if the price hike may be due to an increase in “international prices” for palm oil, lentils, or any other item.

“From next week, we will have our strategy in place, and action will begin using all state organisations and resources to bring down food prices,” vowed the Prime Minister.


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