PIA releases pending allowance of cabin crew

KARACHI: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced to release pending allowance of cabin crew.

According to PIA CEO Arshad Malik, PIA has started paying the flying allowance on foreign flights to cabin crew members. The allowance was suspended for three years due to financial crisis.

The CEO of PIA further said that the allowance received by the crew on international flights had been delayed for three years. He said all pending dues of cabin crew under flying allowance will be cleared by tomorrow (Wednesday).

Last year, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had restored the international slip allowance of cabin crew on foreign flights in order to end tensions between the administration and crew members.

After conciliating pilots of the nation flag-carrier, the PIA administration had also decided to pay the flying allowance to cabin crew members.

However, the flying allowance was restored for cash payment to the cabin crew from April 9 besides bearing the expenses of two meals a day of flight attendants performing duties in foreign countries.

General Manager of Flight Services said cabin crew will be paid the allowance after the arrival at the airport from international flights on basis of their duty hours.

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