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People’s trust in Jinnah Hospital is our success: Dr. Seemi Jamali

History has proved that no society can progress without the participation of women. Just like other developed nations, women in Pakistan too, are making strides everywhere in the field.

The intelligent and hardworking women of our nation are moving forward in every field of life while balancing religious and social values around their surroundings.

Dr. Seemi Jamali is one of them, who has achieved a prominent position with her determination, dedication, and hard work. As the Executive Director of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Dr.Jamali shared a few words of her wisdom with MM news: 

MM News: What is the main reason for a large number of women doctors in Pakistan who choose to stay at home after getting a degree? 

Dr. Seemi Jamali: Women who stay at home after becoming a doctor cause huge damage to the nation and the medical seat. If you become a doctor, it is important then to work because there is no point in just getting a degree. Medical training is not limited to MBBS only as it is just the beginning. After that, doctors have to study all their life for specialization in various fields and if you are using your ability for a degree only, then you are doing nothing but harming the country.

MM News: Why do people mostly prefer Jinnah Hospital over other government hospitals in Karachi? 

Dr. Seemi Jamali: Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had named this hospital after himself in his life so it is now our duty to enhance the prestige of Jinnah Hospital and no matter what the circumstances are whether its coronavirus or anything else, Jinnah Hospital’s doctors, nurses, and paramedics staff perform their duties in a very cheerful manner. 

Even during the crisis and alarming situation in Karachi, the staff of Jinnah Hospital did their job with full dedication. We, without any discrimination, provide full medical care to every patient who comes to the hospital.

People trust Jinnah Hospital and this is the reason why they choose it for their treatment and this trust by people is our success; we are happy and proud of people’s trust Jinnah Hospital.

MM News: Can Jinnah Hospital alone facilitate the 2.5 crore population of Karachi?

Dr. Seemi Jamali: Jinnah is the only hospital where all kinds of medical aid are provided to the people round the clock which is our great achievement. The doctors, nurses and our entire team of Jinnah Hospital strive to provide all kinds of medical facilities to the visitors. We do our best to provide the best possible treatment to our patients.

MM News: What important steps have you taken to change Jinnah Hospital?

Dr. Seemi Jamali: We have opened various departments in Jinnah Hospital which include Endocrine Clinic, Endocrine Surgery Unit, and Trauma Center. Our Emergency unit is one of the best departments in Pakistan.

Jinnah was the first public hospital where an Anti-Rabies Center was set up. Today we have 22 kinds of special clinics, we have recognized special sectors with the CPSP. We have provided invaluable services to the patients as evidenced by the patients who have recovered from here.

I am more grateful to the people who personally provided funds for the development and improvement of hospitals. The results of the development work in Jinnah Hospital are gradually reaching the people. The Sindh government has also contributed a lot to Jinnah Hospital’s progress.  

MM News: What difficulties did you face as a female director of Jinnah Hospital?

Dr. Seemi Jamali: The treatment at Jinnah Hospital is completely free and in case of unavailability of funds, assistance is sought from various institutions where needed, however, this year we faced a lot of problems due to the lack of funds.

Due to the centralization of purchase committees, we did not have the authority to buy stuff directly, so there were some difficulties we faced, but at the moment things are going well.

MM News: Name three important elements in Jinnah Hospital that you will like to mention?

Dr. Seemi Jamali: Endocrine Clinic and Surgery, Trauma Center and Emergency unit

MM News: What is your take on false rumors related to COVID-19?

Dr. Seemi Jamali: I feel disappointed at the people who spread false rumors related to the coronavirus disease. Coronavirus is a bacterium that, despite not being visible to the human eye, retains its existence and significance and this tiny bacterium has a devastating effect on the human body. It makes human cells completely useless and leaves our lungs and other organs with effects that are unimaginable.

MM News: What message will you give to the people in the current situation of the epidemic?

Dr. Seemi Jamali: I request all Pakistanis to keep a social distance for their own and their families’ sake. Limit your activities, stay indoors, don’t go out unnecessarily, apply a face mask, wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds, and use sanitizer.

Change clothes immediately when you go home so that the spread of the coronavirus does not reach your home and can be controlled.

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