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Pakistan’s first health and fitness expo kicks off in Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan’s first health and fitness expo “KIA Get Fit Pakistan” has kicked off in Sindh’s capital at Beach Luxury Hotel.
This fitness expo also served as an exhibit space for everything fitness oriented in the city of Karachi.

It had exhibitors from lean food stalls to fitness apparel to exercise equipment to gyms to nutritionists and wellness centers.

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KIA Get Fit Pakistan began with a full-day event with Yoga, mass workout, high-intensity workout sessions, fitness competitions as well as children’s workout areas.

Fitness professionals such as Nusrat Hidayatullah, Israa Shafi, Rizwan Noor, Sara Makki, and Sana Garib, Fatima Zahrah Mallick attended the fitness expo.


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In addition to this panel discussion on the important issues of the day with Master trainers taking sessions all day long with participants. Panel discussions with the curator Nazish Chagla and the experts at the Agha Khan University Hospital also awaited the visitors of this fitness expo so that not just physical but mental stimulation and awareness can also be absorbed during the course of this event.

According to the World Health Organization performance report, Pakistan has been ranked on the 122 out of 190 countries as a developing country, where the health system of the population has suffered a lot.

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