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Pakistan’s female traffic warden wins Best Performance Award in UN Mission

Ghani said she was very happy to be a part of the mission (Hum News)

Pakistan’s female traffic warden has won the Best Performance Award at the UN Mission.

Salma Abdul Ghani made Pakistan famous on the basis of outstanding performance among women officers belonging to the forces of 46 countries.

She has become the first Pakistani traffic warden to go on a UN mission for exams and interviews. Officers and personnel from 46 countries received training in Sudan on an eight-month UN mission.

Salma Ghani from Pakistan led officers from seven countries to Sudan and won the Best Performance Award. During the mission, she participated in various courses on modern policing, cybersecurity, and law and order situations.

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She said that what he has learned will improve the performance of the traffic department in Pakistan. She once said that the reason behind her success and determination is the support of her parents. “They have stood with me throughout my life and now is the time I want to make them proud,” she added.