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Pakistanis film Turkish women, posting videos on TikTok

ANKARA: Pakistanis have earned bad vibes in Turkey as cases of nationals from Pakistan filming Turkish women without their consent and posting the videos on the social media app TikTok emerged.

“Pakistani Perverts” and “Pakistani Get Out” hashtags were spotted on social media platforms of Turkey after several videos emerged purportedly showing Pakistani men sharing inappropriate videos of women and children on TikTok.

پاکستانی، ترکی

Rezvani, an engineer at Technical University of Catalonia, explained how these videos of Pakistani men have caused outrage in the country and have cascaded onto TV and print media.

In a series of tweets, Rezvani explained how the videos of Pakistani men have caused outrage in the country and have escalated. As per reports, Pakistani men living in Turkey even shared videos of where they can be seen stalking Turkish women walking on the street. “The harassment videos of Afghan and Pakistani perverts are endless! This time, a Pakistani pervert videotaped the women working in the market and shared it on TikTok. He mocked the cashier by throwing coins from afar,” Rezvani quoted a Turkish news portal as saying.

Following the incidents, it also emerged that Turkey has decided to tighten its visa policy for nationals from Pakistan, but the Pakistani consulate in Instabul rejected the news and said that no decision has been taken by Turkey and they are in touch with them.

Pakistani authorities trying to educate their nationals in Turkey

Relations between Pakistan and Turkey have been good at the diplomatic level, which the Pakistani embassy in Ankara calls ‘two countries, one nation’.

Pakistani diplomatic officials in Turkey say that millions of Pakistanis flock to Turkey every year for tourism, education, or employment. Last year, about 200,000 tourists, about 2,000 students and 18,000 employees came to Turkey from Pakistan.

The Pakistani diplomatic staff in Ankara said that there had been some unfortunate incidents recently after which two persons were arrested and deported. He was also referring to the recent kidnapping incident near Taksim Square in which four Nepalis were tortured and six Pakistanis were arrested in a subsequent police operation.

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