Pakistani enters Guinness world record for most knee strikes

KARACHI: Pakistan’s Muhammad Rashid has been named in the Guinness World Records for completing the most one leg full contact knee strikes wearing 5-kilogram ankle weight in three minutes.
The record was confirmed by the Guinness administration via email. Muhammad Rashid, who belongs to Karachi, had broken the previous record of 106 strikes with 152 on 21st June 2020.
Muhammad Rashid has attempted several other similar records and has broken many of them.

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His latest records also include the fastest time to unscrew 10 bottle caps with a nunchaku (17.82s), most playing cards removed between two balanced bottles with a nunchaku in one minute (12), and most consecutive bottle caps unscrewed with a kick (29).
Previously, Naseem managed to break the record of smashing 247 walnuts with his head in just one minute on July 15, 2018. The Guinness World Record for most walnuts cracked against the head in one minute was previously 217, achieved by India’s Navin Kumar in November 2017.
The artist now has 45 world records to his name, while the approved record of the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts has reached 59.
The Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts is the only academy in the entire world with over 50 records as Rashid Naseem has earned and put his name in each of the categories.
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