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Pakistani doctor wants to volunteer against fighting coronavirus

ISLAMABAD: A doctor from Jhelum has expressed interest to join the fight against the coronavirus in China.
The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has appreciated his efforts on Twitter on Saturday. “We appreciate Dr Muhammad Usman Janjua, a foreign doctor to join the fight against coronavirus in China as a volunteer. He is a teacher from Changsha Medical University, China and hails from Deena, Jhelum, Pakistan,” said the embassy in an official post.
Dr Janjua has submitted an application to the Foreign Expert Service Office of the Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology requesting to visit Wuhan after news of the coronavirus epidemic broke.

The 29-year-old doctor graduated from the Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012 and returned to Pakistan. In 2016, he studied for a master’s degree in medicine at the Central South University and became taught at the Changsha Medical College after graduation.
“It was China that gave me good opportunities for education and employment and it’s where I realised my dream,” the enthusiastic doctor told a Chinese news agency.
He is awaiting approval from his supervisor. “If I can’t go, I will do my best to help the hospital in Changsha and us. Students of the school do professional interpretation and psychological counselling for international students,” said Dr Janjua.
According to the Chinese media, Dr Janjua says the Foreign Expert Service sends him methods of prevention from the coronavirus on a daily basis. Asked if he was worried about the risk of infection, he said that rescuing the patient is a doctor’s responsibility and mission.
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