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Pakistan should shake hands with Israel: Mubashir Lucman

LAHORE: Pakistani well-known TV anchor Mubasher Lucman has recently come under hot waters for suggesting normalising bilateral relations with Israel.

In an interview with an Israeli, Mubasher Lucman discussed the relationship between Pakistan and Isreal the senior journalist said that Pakistan should be friends with everyone. “I am one of those people who say we should shake hands and we should have diplomatic ties,” he said.

“Israel is not a dream but a reality. It’s a very important country,” Mubasher Lucman said by calling Israel a great nation. “I have no doubt about that, they are fighters and the survivors,” the journalist maintained.

While comparing both countries, he said that Pakistan is a great country as well, “It is a survival country,” he added. “I think if Israel and Pakistan ever have to shake hands, it cannot be due to a third party, it must be done directly. We dont need to be subservient to anyone. Be it Saudi Arabia or the USA.”

“We should have diplomatic ties,” he said. “But, he asserted by adding there is a majority of people who do not agree with me.” According to Lucman, people look down upon him because of his opinion.

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He also highlighted the policies of the nation, “We should revisit our foreign policy and we should think Pakistan as first and should stop fighting other peoples’ fight and war.” 

“We should have diplomatic ties, but there is no majority of people who do not agree with me. They look down upon me because of my opinion,” he maintained.

Lucman’s controversial interview comes amid reports circulating on international media, suggesting that there is “pressure on Pakistani state to recognise Israel.”

Earlier this month, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also appeared to confirm that there was pressure on Pakistan to sign such an agreement. The Foreign Office categorically rejects baseless speculation regarding the possibility of recognition of the State of Israel by Pakistan.


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