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Friday 28th January 2022 / 25 Jamadilakhir 1443

Will ensure safety of Pakistani students in Wuhan: MoFA

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani government is observing the situation in China and is in close contact with the relevant officials to ensure the safety of Pakistani students in Wuhan despite coronavirus infection that has killed 170 people, the Foreign Office said on Thursday.
Foreign Office spokesperson Aaisha Farooqui said at a press briefing that, “Islamabad has addressed the issue of shortages of food with the authorities concerned, and we are confident that the Chinese Government will fully cooperate in this context.”

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In response to the questions about the evacuation of Pakistani students from Wuhan, the deadly virus epicenter, the spokesperson said, “Islamabad is monitoring the developing situation and will make a decision after discussions with all stakeholders.”
The World Health Organization, which previously underestimated the intensity of a disease that has now killed 170 people in China, held a discussion on whether to declare the outbreak a global emergency on Thursday.

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Instead of any WHO announcement, states, companies, and people around the world continued to increase their efforts to try and control the mysterious disease that is believed to have arisen from an animal market in Wuhan’s central Chinese city.
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