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Govt’s non-cooperation is a major obstacle in automobile sector: Sabir Sheikh

Hamad Sabir Sheikh says that major obstacle for electric vehicles in Pakistan is lack of seriousness (Photo Online)

Today the whole world is in dire straits due to the problems of environmental pollution and the leaders of the world are united to save the world from environmental pollution, while the whole world is moving towards devices for the protection of the environment that meet the daily needs and do not have a negative impact on the environment.

In such a scenario, electric vehicles and motorcycles have also come into the market which are gaining popularity due to environment-friendly fuels than petrol and diesel.

Electric motorcycles have also been introduced in Pakistan. MM News arranged a special meeting with Muhammad Sabir Sheikh, Chairman of Pakistan Electric Vehicles Manufacturers Association.

MM News: What is the reason behind electric vehicles facing hindrance in Pakistan?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: The reason for discouraging electric vehicles in Pakistan is the lack of policy at the government level, electric vehicles are being encouraged in other countries of the world. India was behind us in terms of electric vehicles, but the government there gave tax exemptions to electric vehicles in the country to increase the market for electric vehicles. In Pakistan too, attempts were made to lift the market by giving tax exemptions, but we could not stabilize the market for electric vehicles.

MM News: Are electric vehicles manufactured in Pakistan?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: There is no system for manufacturing electric vehicles in Pakistan yet so we invite ready-made vehicles.

MM News: What are the trends of electric motorcyclists?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: The highest number of electric motorcycle riders in the world so far are women. In China, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and other countries, girls are riding electric motorcycles. Sales of scooters are higher than electric motorcycles.

One problem in Pakistan is that if a girl is riding a motorcycle, the whole traffic is affected because everyone is stopping and looking at the girl to see what she is doing.

MM News: How many motorcycles are sold for women in Pakistan?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: In Pakistan, women have been riding motorcycles, but due to the environment, the number of girls riding motorcycles is very low compared to other countries. If we sell two and a half lakh motorcycles a year, not even 250 of them are women.

We have to create an environment for our women in which girls can ride motorcycles freely on the road and do not need anyone for their employment and other matters.

MM News: How can we increase sales of electric vehicles?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: We have to provide cheap rides by reducing taxes on electric vehicles in Pakistan. If you want to assemble yourself, you have to issue a certificate so that we can start manufacturing electric vehicles ourselves.

There were 130 assembly units in Pakistan six years ago, of these, only 30 are operational and 100 factories are closed. If the government provides facilities to the manufacturers and reduces the tax, the sales of electric vehicles in the country can be increased.

MM News: Why 70cc motorcycles are not manufactured in Pakistan?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: Every company that makes electric motorcycles in Pakistan is producing 70cc motorcycles. The reason is that we do not have the parts to make other models of motorcycles in Pakistan.The fact is that we do not have the parts to manufacture other models of motorcycles in Pakistan.

MM News: Electric or engine, which vehicle is easier to build?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: It is much easier to make an electric vehicle than an engine vehicle. For the last 50 years, we have not been able to make an engine but the electric vehicle does not have an engine, but we can manufacture electric vehicles in the country by importing lithium cells.

MM News: Why is there a delay in adopting new technology in Pakistan?

Mohammad Sabir Sheikh: When it comes to bringing any new technology in Pakistan, there is no cooperation at the government level as required and the change of ministers here also causes difficulties while in Pakistan due to the monopoly of big companies. SMEs are discouraged because electric vehicles are made by small companies. So far no big company has come forward to make electric vehicles.

MM News: Can Chinese technology be relied upon in electric vehicles?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: Today Chinese products are being used all over the world. America is full of Chinese products, Europe is using Chinese products. China is supplying electric vehicles to the whole world, China is making all the vehicles except Tesla and electric vehicles are Chinese inventions.

MM News: What will be the future of electric vehicles?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: Things are changing in the world. In the past, vehicles running on petrol and diesel were switched to gas at one time, and now the era of electric vehicles is coming. 

According to our information, Afghanistan has huge reserves of lithium and China is the largest producer of lithium batteries, so Afghanistan’s lithium may be used for the world’s electric vehicles in the near future and China has lithium and therefore China Taking full advantage of lithium using stocks.

MM News: What is the biggest obstacle for electric vehicles in Pakistan?

Muhammad Sabir Sheikh: The biggest hurdle for electric vehicles in Pakistan is lack of seriousness, Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued orders for approval of electric vehicles 3 years ago and ministers are also working on it but the pace of work is very slow that is why Even after 3 years, the results have not come out yet. Due to the non-cooperation of the government, we are still far behind in the development of electric vehicles.  

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